‘’My righteousness draws near speedily my salvation is on the way &
ARM will bring justice to the nations’’ 
(Isaiah 51:5)

Christian Resolve & Reconciliation


In these times of
Climate change, Pandemic, Famine, Economic Insecurity
do not be deceived or misled into ‘FEAR’
rushing to‘RESET’ the World, 
there is
 we need to be RECONCILED to
God & 
One Another.
Then we can SHINE as LIGHTs in the Darkness

7For nation will rise against nation & kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences & earthquakes in various places. 
All these are the beginning of birth pains.”
(see Matthew 24:3-14) 

 Our  ‘VISION’  is
GOD – Man  &   Man – Man
for the benefit of ALL people

Facilitating a Mediation & Reconciliation process that removes barriers & divisions, bringing people to Maturity by enlivening, restoring & building them up in the Spirit of TRUTH, Resolving disputes &
conflicts in
Commerce, Institutions, Church
(National & International)   

We recommend that you WATCH
our ResolveINTRODUCTORY’ video below & view our RESOURCES/MEDIA page for more videos about
WHO’ & ‘WHAT’ we do !  

What is RESOLVE?

RESOLVE was born out of a desire to provide a biblically faithful mediation and arbitration service for those involved in commercial, church and other conflicts. However, in these times of great change and instability in the World, we are seeing a significant increase in pressures that are negatively impacting UNITY in our RELATIONSHIPS.    It is therefore essential to take a much wider and more radical view of the issues so that we are able to help find solutions & true reconciliation. 
In Resolve, we understand this & through proven biblical principles, we provide
Teaching, Training & access to Mediation & Reconciliation.  

CONFLICT is all pervasive & will inevitably affect relationships whether of long standing or transient.  UNITY cannot be maintained when issues which threaten to taint or destroy relationships are not addressed.

“If your brother wrongs you, go and show him his fault between you and
him privately…  But if he does not listen, take along one or two others
”      Matthew 18:15-16

New Video Series on ‘RECONCILIATION released
ee Resources/Media page)

In the RESOLVE SHARING series of videos we share our practical experiences, understandings and insights
of being involved in the ministry of RECONCILIATION. 
This series is intended to encourage anyone involved in conflict,
to recognise the essential nature of being reconciled
to God & one another, if we are to flourish in these times.  
Each Session covers a particular aspect of Reconciliation

 “Make every effort to live in Peace with ALL men
& be holy”
Hebrews 12:14



Arbitration: the hearing & determination of a dispute as in discerning
where the church is
or is not
Reconciliation: bringing together the reality of what is or
is n
ot of God in regard to true Oneness.
Mediation: what God seeks us to enter into with Him

What is distinctive about RESOLVE
& our view of Conflict Resolution?

  • Christian RESOLVE & RECONCILIATION services are available to Christians and others.**
  • RELY on the Biblical understandings of life and relationships revealed in the Old and New Testaments
  • APPLY these understandings to the behaviour of individuals & institutions involved in conflict
  • IDENTIFY the underlying causes of a dispute
  • ASSIST people to examine their MOTIVES, ATTITUDES, ACTIONS
  • EVALUATE these against the Biblical principles
  • LEAD people to life-changing solutions

 RESOLVE seeks to serve all Christians wherever disputes cannot be resolved through local church or individuals known to the parties regardless of their church affiliation & also to non-Christians provided they accept the
hristian nature of the Service & Rules.


ALL Our Teaching & Training is undertaken
either LIVE or ZOOM(where appropriate) & Video or other Media.
These are
based on our real life practical experience in
bringing revelation
& peace through
applying Biblical principles in
ALL our Mediations & Reconciliation.

We recommend that to get a flavour of our ministry you view below
our short introduction to the new video series :-
Resolve Sharing RECONCILIATION   Session 1 Part 1 Who are we?
where we informally discuss our experiences, understandings & insights on being involved in the ministry of RECONCILIATION.