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CMAS (Christian Mediation and Arbitration Service) was birthed out of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) in the early 1990s, responding to the need to resolve disputes without going to court, as outlined in 1 Corinthians 6.
The principal focus was initially on resolving commercial disputes between businesspeople in a biblical manner.
Early years
Following a drop in business referrals in the late 1990s, CMAS was renamed Resolve. Activity revived, with the focus shifting more towards mediating disputes in a Church rather than a business setting. Throughout, Resolve has had an outstanding record of successful mediation outcomes.
However, our research has shown a high proportion of Christian businesses, church organisations, groups, and individuals resorting to settling disputes through secular legal processes, rather than using biblical principles.
 In many cases, this was through a lack of teaching and understanding of the need to use biblical dispute principles. It also reflected what the world was experiencing in terms of growing levels of disunity – linked to the breakdown in relationships and the pressures on families, business, etc.
On the back of these research findings, we believe Resolve is tasked with helping the Church and individual Christians recover a biblical understanding of reconciliation, and thereby moving into greater maturity in the faith. So, our focus has shifted again, this time in the direction of teaching, encouraging, and empowering groups and individuals to practise the ministry of reconciliation to which they are called. 
We see this as an essential part of understanding the times and what the Bible says about the future, taking seriously what it means to be a Christian, and encouraging and assisting one another to respond to conflict biblically and be reconciled.