The ‘ARM’ of Christian Resolve & Reconciliation

 Then he showed me a river of the water of life,
clear as crystal,
coming from the throne of God
and of the Lamb…”
Rev 22:1         


Teaching & Training resources

The Bible tells us to   ‘Make every effort to live in peace with all men …
Those who seek to adopt this teaching will be well equipped by Resolve’s teaching and training programmes and resources to respond to conflict by using it as an opportunity to develop positive resolutions and relationships rather than destructive ones.   
Please contact us for guidance & recommendations.


  1. INTRODUCTION TO RESOLVE – short 8 minute video outlining Resolve’s services. 
  1. RESOLVING CONFLICT seminar Series(recorded live)  – Deals with the causes & issues that underlie conflict & its solutions.
  2. SHARING RECONCILIATION discussion Series Resolve Board members, share their experiences, understanding & insights on being involved in RECONCILIATION.
    In most cases Conflict arises from misunderstandings that have not been dealt with properly
    & over time have grown & matured into very fixed positions for the parties concerned,
    ho then remain unable or unwilling to face the consequences & need Reconciliation.
Our material is based on real life experiences
gained over many years of successful resolutions.



Resolving Conflict Seminar
Session 1 – Why Reconciliation?
– The BIG picture

 Resolving Conflict Seminar 
Session 2 – Causes of Conflict
– A Synopsis

Resolving Conflict Seminar
Session 3
Power in Reconciliation

Resolving Conflict Seminar
Session 4
Who are  we?

Resolving Conflict Seminar
Session 5
 Spiritual & Relational Principles

Sharing Reconciliation Series
Session 1
– Introducing Resolve & our Ministry
(Parts 1-4)

Sharing Reconciliation Series
Session 2
– Bitterness & Unforgiveness 

Sharing Reconciliation Series
Session 3
– Looking Forward  
Peace, Joy, Hope.