Christian Resolve & Reconciliation

Resolve works to explain, promote and plant reconciliation so
God’s glory may increasingly become manifest in His Church.

2 Corinthians 5:16-21  

Resolve - Frequently Asked Questions

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resolve q & a

01 Why use Resolve to settle disputes?

02 What is Resolve?

03 What is mediation?

04 What is mediation/arbitration?

05 What is arbitration?

06 Who are the mediators?

07 How are mediators selected?

08 Who can refer a dispute to Resolve?

09 What types of disputes can be resolved through Resolve?

10 How much does reference to Resolve cost?

11 Is mediation confidential and could anything said be used
      subsequently in court?

12 Why is the biblical resolution of conflict among Christians so

13 Is a Christian free to sue another Christian?

resolve q & A

14 Are there times when litigation is appropriate for a Christian?

15 How does Christian mediation differ from other types of mediation?

16 What principles will I be expected to follow during Christian

17 Can Resolve help me to settle a dispute before any mediation
      process starts?

18 May I withdraw from the mediation process once it has begun?

19 May I use Resolve even after legal proceedings have been started?

20 What if the other party refuses to consent to a referral to Resolve?

21 Doesn’t mediation always result in a compromise?

22 Should I talk with my church leadership about using Resolve?

23 Should I talk to my solicitor about using Resolve?

24 Is there anything I can do to make sure that future disputes are
      resolved through Christian mediation rather than litigation?

25 How can I refer a dispute to Resolve?